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Before I came to Peilin, I was struggling with feelings of anxiety, a pressure in my chest, and memory problems. I felt that I couldn’t quite catch my breath. This affected not only my sleep, but my day-to-day interactions and my experience in the lived moment. After beginning working with Peilin, I immediately felt inspired to improve my physical and mental wellbeing. Within a month I had lost close to 10 pounds, felt improved muscle tone and definition, and was on a path to healthier eating and exercise routines. I was amazed at how quickly I overcame several habits, like a dependence on alcohol and coffee to moderate my mood. Thanks to her careful guidance and suggestions, I feel a sense of balance and calm. I realize now that I have the strength in me to make right choices that take me towards personal fulfillment. Whether you need to pull yourself out of a rut or want to take the next step on the health journey, Peilin will help you find your way.

- Yara Cluver

Fifteen years after gallbladder surgery I still struggled with digestive issues. Research and dietary shifts yielded no lasting results until I met Peilin! Not only is she knowledgeable, intelligent and good natured but also accessible! A couple of months into our working together, my digestion settled into almost always normal, a huge ease of mind, body and daily approach to life. Although not a primary goal, I don’t miss 10 lbs. My awareness has broadened to innovative ways to heal. A valuable insight/shift is remembering I always have a choice and am not bound by old habits. Thanks Peilin, I look forward to learning healing and sharing more with you.

- Martha S.

“I am 65 and live alone. I used to have great memories and was detail-oriented. A year and a half into the pandemic I found myself getting brain fog and memories fading drastically. My mom and three brothers all had/have dementia. When I realized that I suddenly couldn’t recall the conversation that I just had with a friend, I felt panicked and hopeless that I was on the way to dementia. Two months after working with Peilin, I slept 8 hrs through the night for the first time in years and have been stable since then. My brain fog is gone. I’ve regained the clear mind and confidence.  I’ve also learned that I don’t have to be the victim of my genes. I strongly recommend Peilin’s coaching service!!.”

- Teresa L.

Before I came to Peilin, I was depressed, afraid of socializing, not interested in anything, bloated, and easily tired. Through her guidance, I changed my eating habits, adjusted my work and rest, and chose the right exercise method, so that I lost 3 kg (7 lbs), had sufficient physical strength to cope with daily life, and increased my self-confidence. I am very grateful to Peilin for helping me, and I highly recommend her for counseling on physical and mental health.

- Shirley Y.

I was so fortunate to work with Peillin Chiu as my nutrition advisor. She is  extremely knowledgeable and is a wonderful person. These are such important elements when choosing  a healthcare person. She is truly interested in her clients and willingly adapts herself to their special needs. Peilin worked every day with me going through my diet to lower my carbohydrate intake, keeping my insulin needs to a minimum. My diabetes doctor has noticed a true difference.

- Susan Bloom

"Peilin’s knowledge in nutrition, energy medicine, and other integrative healing tools is  unquestionable. What I appreciated the most was her keen exploring techniques. She often helped me clarify complex issues with just few key questions.  She’s a combination of master chef, counselor, and, most of all, a sincere friend. She’s always ready to listen and guide. Wish I had known her and her service sooner!" 

- Katherine T.

I had severe skin allergy that doctors can’t help. I had to check into hospital to get steroids shot to control the symptoms. I suffered from hiccups and bloating almost my entire life. My body constitution was so damp that I felt physically and mentally heavy; my knees were easily injured and retain water that I had to have the fluid medically drained regularly. Recently my metabolism went hay wired and weight increased dramatically. I tried to do intermittent fasting (the 16:8 diet) and found it mission impossible, and my sleep quality was poor. With Peilin's guidance, I underwent a three-month detox journey and dietary change. Her holistic coaching helped me change my mindset towards myself, the people and circumstances around me. That allowed me to further process the grief of losing my mom suddenly. As a result, my skin allergies, digestive problems, and sleep quality have significantly improved, and the knee swelling has naturally subsided. I can now easily do intermittent fasting and have lost nearly four Kgs (8lbs). Not only did I boost my confidence, but I also reignited hope for my life and healed the pain of losing my parents. I highly recommend Peilin's holistic coaching.

- hc t.

“Peilin’s delicious, nutritious and approachable cookbooks have long been my precious kitchen companions. After working with her, I’ve learned that true health is more than simply eating well and moving more. Through her kind and comprehensive guidance, I for the first time had the opportunity to examine all aspects of my life from a close and visceral view, through the eyes of LOVE! She has guided me to pay attention to my mindsets, which enabled me to become a more confident, self-compassionate and healthier person. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to make self-care a priority and lives a mindful and holistic lifestyle.”

- N.F. Ko

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